What Are Some Good Things to Include in a Household Budget?


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Good things to include in a household budget include both fixed expenses, such as mortgage payments, loans and insurance, and variable expenses, such as utilities and entertainment expenses. All money that comes in and goes out of the household should go in the budget, whether they are necessities or extras.

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Regular and necessary expenses that should go on a budget include housing, insurance, utilities and other bills and consumer debt. These expenses are usually about the same amount each month and are easier to budget for. Variable expenses include all of the other items purchased, including groceries, eating out and entertainment, clothing, personal items and gifts.

Savings is another big part of the budget to ensure the consumer sets aside money for unexpected expenses. Many people forget to include expenses that don't come up every month, such as yearly membership, or seasonal expenses, such as holiday gifts, back-to-school clothes and summer landscaping tools.

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