What Are Some Good Telemarketing Jobs?

What Are Some Good Telemarketing Jobs?

VXI Global Solution received high ratings for telemarketing jobs from users of Indeed.com and Sears Roebuck also received a five-star rating from a former employee on Indeed. Glassdoor users also give high marks to telemarketing jobs at Dial America, Allstate and Total Marketing Concepts.

Employees say that Allstate provides its telemarketers hours that students find convenient. They report that the company has a flexible work atmosphere and also offers its employees commission-based earnings. Allstate pays its telemarketing employees $25,000 per year, on average, as of 2015. The Los Angeles Times pays its telemarketing employees the most among companies that use telemarketers, at $43,000 per year.

One employee of Dial America describes the company as her second home. She says that initially she worried about working in a telemarketing job, but that she learns something different each day on the job. Glassdoor users give Dial America 3.3 stars out of five, making Dial America one of the highest-rated telemarketing jobs among Glassdoor's reviews.

In Connecticut, telemarketers earned $17.16 per hour, as of 2013, for a total annual salary of $35,680. This is much higher than the national average of $12.29 per hour. An employee of VXI Global Solution reported that the company pays well but that employees often have to work with rude customers. Total Marketing Concepts employees report that the company allows for an enjoyable work-life balance.

A Sears Roebuck employee positively described working for the company because the company offers employee assistance when the employees need help. The worker said that the company provides food for the employees. The worker said that the working hours are not ideal but that the subject matter of the job is pleasant and enjoyable because the telemarketers help customers with their appliances.