What Are Some Good Team Building Activities for Employees?


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Some good team building activities for employees include Two Truths and a Lie, Back to Back Drawing and Mine Field. These games help build communication and camaraderie among employees.

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What Are Some Good Team Building Activities for Employees?
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Two Truths and a Lie is a simple, popular team-building game that can help participants get to know one another better. Whether in small groups or in front of everyone, players take turns making three statements about themselves. Two are true, but one is a lie, and it’s up to the other participants to determine which is which. The game encourages group communication and friendship building.

Back to Back Drawing is another common team-building game that stresses communication. Employees divide up into pairs and sit back to back. One partner holds a simple image or shape, which she attempts to describe to the other partner, who must try to draw it according to her instructions. After completing the drawing, both partners can compare images, discuss how they worked together and consider ways to improve their communication.

Mine Field is another game that stresses teamwork and communication. In a large room or outdoor area, participants set up a mine field of chairs, boxes, cones or other obstacles. Players pair off, with one partner donning a blindfold. The other player must then help the blindfolded partner navigate the mine field using only verbal instructions.

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