What Are Some Good Style Guidelines for Making Homemade Flyers?


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Design elements to use in a basic flyer include an image, a headline, bullet points and content. Select fonts that match the flyer's content and theme. A flyer should include a call to action that spurs readers to make contact or attend an event.

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Graphic images are dominant parts of homemade flyer design, and one or more images can be used. Browse websites that offer an assortment of stock photography images, and select images that best represent the flyer's theme. For example, images of a cap, gown and diploma are useful for a flyer announcing a graduation event. Images are commonly placed at the very top or bottom of the flyer. Font selection depends on the flyer's target audience, and the font used must be clear and readable at a short distance.

Flyers need catchy headlines to draw attention. Present headline copy in a large-size font in the upper portion of the flyer. Use bullet points effectively but sparingly. Bullet points should include the most important benefits to the audience. Bullet points often appear above a sub-heading and paragraph of content. The "who, where and when" content format works well for homemade flyers promoting an event. Include "who, what and when" information as subheadings, and include details underneath each sub-heading.

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