What Are Some Good Staff Incentive Ideas?


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Travel, time off and cash or gift certificates are examples of good staff incentives. Others include physical items and in-office incentives. Giving staff these and other incentives encourages them to do their best.

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Travel is a great incentive for sales staff. The employer can plan a training session at a resort and encourage employees to meet their sales goals before they can get back to the office. At the same time, the employer should give staff a chance to relax by letting them do something different.

An employer who wants to improve the morale of his staff but does not have enough money to spend on more costly incentives can consider giving them time off. Adding an extra few days to an employee's vacation can help them a lot and costs the employer little.

Staff always welcome cash or gift certificates and often like to choose the reward that they would like to receive. This incentive can work best in a contest where the highest award goes to the most productive employee.

Physical items such as music devices and t-shirts are good incentives for staff. Since settling on the right item can be a challenge, an online reward catalog can be helpful. An employee performs tasks and earns points that he then uses to buy items of his choice.

The employer can boost the morale of his staff by offering in-office incentives. For example, every Wednesday morning, the employer can treat the staff to in-office massage from professional therapists to ease their stress.

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