What Is a Good Source for Cheap Movie Tickets?


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A good source for cheap movie tickets is a theatre itself, as many theatres offer matinee prices, student and senior discounts, gift card discounts, and discounts for members of the theatre's rewards club. Another source for cheap movie tickets is second-run theatres that show older movies for a cheaper price.

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Matinee showings, including the first showing of the day or all showings before a certain time, depending on the theatre, are often sold at a discounted rate. Additionally, some theatres such as AMC Theatres, have certain "value days" of the week when movie tickets are cheaper. Student, military, and senior discounts are also widely available with valid IDs. Finally, gift cards are sometimes sold at discounted rates, such as 10 or 20 percent off, so purchasing one and then using the gift card to buy movie tickets ultimately saves money.

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