What Are Some Good Solar Energy Companies?

One good solar energy company is Verengo Solar, which is one of America's top three solar installation companies based on market share. The company installed over 12,000 solar units as of 2015 and is known for being friendly towards curious consumers as well as business accounts.

Another good solar energy company is SolarCity, which stands out from other such companies due to its manufacturing division and that division's ability to produce custom solar panels based on customer needs. The company works primarily with consumers but has spread its market to businesses, non-profit entities and the U.S. government.

Sungevity is another solar energy company that stands out from others because of the leasing and financing options it offers to customers. Because of this, the company is able to offer solar power options in both typically underserved markets as well as more traditional government and residential markets.

SunPower is distinct in the solar energy race because it is the worldwide leader of solar cell and module manufacturing. The company has historically focused on growing the residential solar power market, but it has grown its commercial ventures so that it is one of the top three providers and installers of solar energy for government and business use within 48 of the United States.