What Are Some Good Small Business Ideas?

What Are Some Good Small Business Ideas?

Good small business ideas include recycling pickup, software training, health care consulting and food trucks. Alternative lending sites and crowd funding make it easier for small business owners to fund their enterprises and give them options other than traditional lenders.

Recycling pickup of e-waste is a good business venture because a lot of people do not properly recycle batteries and electronics. The business involves picking up electronic waste such as broken laptops and old televisions from households and selling them to electronic recycling facilities. Items can be sold for a flat fee or by weight, factoring in travel costs and other expenses when setting prices.

A software training business is relatively simple to start and can be done part time, to train professionals or amateurs looking to improve their technical skills. Proficiency in highly specialized software is a requirement in this business. The entrepreneur can make money by charging by the hour for private sessions or small group workshops.

An economics or marketing degree is useful in health care consulting. This involves working as an independent health care consultant for therapist offices, labs or hospitals by coming up with strategies to save money or improve efficiency.

Lastly, a food truck is a good small business idea because it is not as expensive to start as a traditional restaurant, and many enjoy high success rates.