What Are Some Good Shares to Buy in Ireland?


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As of December 2015, good shares to buy in Ireland include Bank of Ireland and C&C, reports City A.M. As forecasts indicate the Irish economy may grow approximately 6 percent in 2016, or triple the rate of the average European country, Bank of Ireland is likely to face higher demand for loans. C&C, a beverage company whose products include soft drinks, cider and beer, boasts high brand loyalty in its current markets and is expanding into the U.S. market.

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C&C is an attractive buy due to its relatively low valuation and the dynamics of its sector, notes City A.M. The beverage markets C&C operates in are expanding at a rate in the double digits in the United States, the company’s newest market. The global beverage markets are also expected to undergo growth in 2016.

With a gain of approximately 17.5 percent by June 2015, the overall Irish stock market has enjoyed a strong performance in 2015, reflecting broader Irish economic recovery, reports CNN Money. Contributing factors include depreciation of the euro, the timely repayment of government loans, a decrease in government spending and a reduction of the budget deficit. The depreciation of the euro has increased the exports of eurozone countries, including Ireland.

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