What Are Some Good Security Company Names?

To create a good security company name, business owners must consider a number of factors, including the services the company provides and if the owner would prefer a unique name or a name that describes what the company does, notes Business Insider. Owners can create their own names, or they can purchase a company name, usually with a logo and domain name, from a branding company.

One approach to creating a good security company name is to use a nonsense word that is made up or comprised of several different words, states Entrepreneur and Business Insider. This method has worked well for numerous companies in the past, such as Google or Yahoo!, but it may not pay off if customers do not understand the services the company provides. If employing this method, search for the word in other languages to ensure it is not an offensive when translated.

Another approach is to use a name that describes what the company does. The potential problem to this method is creating a forgettable or boring name. Owners should still try to be creative when employing this method.

Rather than create their own business names, owners can instead purchase a name through a company, such as Brandroot.com. The benefit to this method is that many companies also sell the domain names for these company names so that business owners can create a consistent brand.