What Are Some Good Scripts for Cold Calling?


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Some good scripts for cold calling are the customizable options from CBS News, Think Advisor and Brian Tracy International, according to the websites. The purpose of cold calls is to pique the client's interest with a brief explanation of the services the company can provide to the point that the potential client would like to schedule a meeting.

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CBS News offers a checklist for businesses to use when creating their cold calling scripts, notes the site. Callers should first compile a list of potential clients and then create a script that can be adjusted based on each client's specific needs. The article suggests creating a brief script, no more than four sentences, that quickly explains the purpose of the call and then requests an appointment. The script should also anticipate potential objections and provide a response.

Think Advisor offers several quick scripts that companies can customize with their company name and services, states the website. Most of the scripts offer a quick introduction, questions to engage potential clients and a request for a scheduled appointment.

Brian Tracy International outlines important aspects to consider when creating cold calling scripts. The callers should create a list of specific questions and personalize their scripts to each potential client, which is an important aspect of successful cold calls. The article also explains that the goal of a cold call is not to make the sale but to garner interest and gather information to better provide solutions to potential clients.

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