What Are Some Good Science Careers?


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Good science careers include astronomer, bacteriologist, biochemist, astrophysicist and college professor. Additional careers in the field of astronomy include climatologist, meteorologist and research scientist, whereas additional careers in biology are health care professional, lab technician, marine biologist, zoologist and veterinarian. Geologist and petrologist are some careers the geophysics field.

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Astronomers specialize in the study of the composition and motion of planets, stars and other heavenly bodies, and some even venture into space exploration. They are well-versed in mathematics, chemistry and physics. Astronomers often went through a “Physics and Astronomy,” “Astronomy/Planetary Sciences,” “Astrophysics” or another similar college program. An astrophysicist is an astronomer who studies the theoretical laws that are thought to govern the universe, including the mathematical structures of the universe and how planetary bodies relate to one another.

Biologists study the structures and functions of life, including plants and animals, and some also teach biology in schools and colleges. Biochemists combine their knowledge of biology and chemistry to study biological entities at the molecular level. DNA, human physiology, metabolism and biotechnology are among the specialties in the field. Bacteriologists specialize in the study of bacteria, including their classification, impact on the environment and on human health and their physiology. Some also become college professors.

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