What Are Some Good Schools That Offer Med Tech Training?

What Are Some Good Schools That Offer Med Tech Training?

Some schools that offer medical technician training are ITT Technical Institute, Stanford University, Harvard University and University of Notre Dame. These are the most popular schools for medical technician training based on their student population, as ranked by Study.com.

These and other popular public universities and colleges offer certificates and bachelor's and master's degrees in the medical field. Certificate programs take from 9 months to 1 year to complete and include a classroom curriculum as well as clinical training. Although these types of programs allow students to enter the job market sooner, they don't last long enough to provide them with a comprehensive look at the medical technician field.

Associate degree programs take 2 years to complete and also combine classroom instruction with clinical training. Some colleges offer an internship program that, after classroom training, allows the student to gain real world experience in their chosen field. Students working toward becoming a paramedic should work toward obtaining an associate's degree, according to Study.com.

When choosing a school, look for one that has the latest medical equipment, as this makes it easy to go from the classroom to the workplace. Employers look for medical technicians that need little training, so having experience with up-to-date equipment lowers the training time on the job.

Other colleges and universities offering medical technician programs include Community College of the Air Force, Miami Dade College and Salt Lake Community College.