How Do You Find a Good School for Luthiers?

How Do You Find a Good School for Luthiers?

Find a good lutherie school by perusing selections of the Guild of American Luthiers. Browse schools listed on the Stewart-MacDonald website for more lutherie school choices. A luthier makes stringed instruments such as guitars, lutes, violins, mandolins and other hand-held stringed instruments.

  1. Determine priorities

    The lutherie school you should attend depends on several factors. If you can devote a 4-hour block of time over six months, a school that offers classes once per week is for you. Some expert luthiers have online instruction for building guitars and violins. Other workshops occur over a two-day weekend. A few schools offer apprenticeships for dedicated students. How much time, money and energy you spend at lutherie school determines the depth of instruction you receive.

  2. Research schools

    Find your lutherie school by researching various aspects of the educational opportunity. Narrow choices by location, tuition, class size, length of classes, time needed and type of instrument. Some lutherie schools specialize in guitars, while others focus on violin repair.

  3. Get more information

    Contact your prospective lutherie school before making a choice. Talk to the instructor to gauge if you can handle the person as a teacher for an extended period of time. Get the basics of the course, including what materials to bring to class, if photography is permitted, and what you can accomplish after the class finishes.