What Are Some Good Free Sample Press Releases?


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The eReleases website contains a myriad of well-written press release samples. They span several industries, including advertising, fashion, education, fitness, and the food and beverage industry.

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Press releases should be written as sales tools, as their purpose is to convey a message to prospective customers through publication on a credible website or in an article by a reputable reporter. The message should be written in conjunction with a newsworthy story to catch the interest of the publication's audience. Any desired media outlets should not only be sent a copy of the press release, but should be contacted personally, either via phone or an email to the desired reporter. As a convenience to them, the press release should use a style that best fits the publication.

A press release should be short and poignant while still conveying the appropriate message. Press releases are typically between one to two pages long and include a headline, dateline and the press release itself. Use of a simple format lets the writer highlight the most significant details. Flowing or eloquent vocabulary is not appropriate. Instead, a press release should stick to plain, grammatically correct language, providing personal quotes from top executives of the company and including any necessary contact information. Three hash marks indicate the press release's conclusion.

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