What Is a Good Sample Credit Report?


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A good sample credit report includes personal information, past and present credit status, information acquired from the federal district bankruptcy records, a current credit score and the names of individuals or organizations who have requested a copy of a person's credit report. According to the Federal Trade Commission, consumers are eligible to receive free copies of their credit reports each year to check for discrepancies and get an idea of their current credit status. These reports can be ordered through the official annualcreditreport.com site.

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The personal information on a sample credit report generally includes the individual's legal name, current and past addresses, as well as their previous and current employers. The credit status section can include real estate, installment, revolving and collection accounts. This section also notifies an individual if there are any accounts that they are delinquent on and how many of each credit type they have.

If an individual files for bankruptcy, has a tax lien, or is behind on making child support payments, the information may be included on their credit report. This information can remain on the report anywhere from seven to ten years. Whenever a person applies for a loan, an apartment or a credit card, a credit check may be required. If so, a credit report will list the names of the individuals or businesses that made the request, along with when it was requested.

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