How Do You Find Good Sales on Tires?

How Do You Find Good Sales on Tires?

Consumers find the best prices on tires by watching sales ads, shopping online, using rebates and shopping in April or October. April sales take advantage of the warm weather and a consumer's desire to hit the road. October sales appeal to people looking for better winter driving tires.

Tire stores advertise their sales through circular ads, signs outside the store and online. Coupons mailed directly to the home are another resource for finding tire sales. Tracking tire prices over time allows the consumer to identify a highly discounted price.

Checking out the prices between stores is another way to find the best sale. When comparing tires, ensure they are similar in performance, mileage and durability to get an accurate comparison. Write down the details at each store, including any specials such as "buy three tires, get one free." This becomes a reference to track the best deals.

Shopping around also works as a negotiation tool. Some stores may come down in price to match a competitor. This allows you to choose a preferred store with a better warranty or better customer service.

Online tire sales are often cheaper than buying in stores, but they also require professional installation. Before purchasing tires online, call service shops in the area to find out how much the mounting and balancing will cost.