What Are Good Safety-Related Topics for a Weekly Meeting?

Topics for safety-related meetings include medical and first aid, bloodborne pathogens, earthquakes, recycling, and fire safety, suggests the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Other potential topics include eye and face protection, fall prevention, foodborne disease, ventilation, and workplace violence. Appropriate safety topics vary depending on the industry addressed.

For a weekly meeting about bloodborne pathogens, it is important for employees to know that if they are poked by a sharp object, or if blood or other potentially hazardous material enters their orifices or broken skin, they must immediately flood the area with water, explains OSHA. Any wound should be cleansed with soap and water or an available skin disinfectant. A supervisor should be notified right away. Bloodborne pathogens include hepatitis B, hepatitis C and human immunodeficiency virus.

A safety first aid meeting that is designed for the type and size of a specific workplace and adheres to the requirements of the law can impact life or death, states Safety Toolbox Topics. A meeting should cover the location of emergency equipment, phone numbers to use in the event of an emergency, and the location of emergency contacts if someone requires emergent care. Employees should be advised to ensure the safety of everyone around, to maintain individual breathing and blood circulation, and how to treat continued blood loss.