What Are Some Good Resources for Planning and Organizing Training Seminars?


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About.com posts a step-by-step guide to planning and organizing training seminars. The American Management Association offers courses in instructional design for online and in-person training seminars, and Donald Clark offers information about instructional, learning and performance design at Nwlink.com. TechSoup Global posts steps to take to plan successful webinars.

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About.com's step-by-step guide includes confirming the purpose, audience, topic and location of the event. The guide also suggests that seminar planners review the Apex event specifications guide, which helps event planners generate a list of critical details, such as an event profile, host and supplier contact information, attendee profile, food and beverage needs, and technological needs. Additional steps include outlining seminar needs, requesting venue proposals, and developing and confirming an agenda. Some final steps include confirming the Banquet Event Order, creating event communications and materials, and working with the event host to finalize logistics. Organizers should leave ample time for event set-up, and expect both early and late arrivals.

The American Management Association offers a course for the design, development and delivery of live, online training seminars. AMA also offers a course in instructional design for trainers. TechSoup's guide for planning successful webinars includes suggestions for recruiting speakers, determining an appropriate format and planning visuals. It also supplies links to several different conferencing tools and guidelines for choosing a tool that is best-suited to a particular seminar. TechSoup also offers guidelines for creating an agenda, scheduling a dry run, reserving equipment and space, and registering attendees.

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