How Do You Find Good Realtors in Maine?


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Find effective Realtors in Maine by searching on websites such as MaineRealtors.com or the Maine section of Realtor.com to identify agents with an appropriate amount of experience and the proper credentials for your needs. Research the agent by checking her past listings, speaking to previous customers and speaking to her in person to understand her personality and skill.

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Begin by checking websites for property listings in your area, or the area of Maine in which you wish the Realtor to work, to locate agents covering that location. Once you find an agent, look for her other listings to understand how much business she does and how she structures her online presence. Check each listing for multiple clear and professional photos, descriptions with proper grammar and appropriate links to external sites, such as social media profiles or a personal website. Also look at her past listings to find out how quickly she sells and if she obtains fair prices for each property.

It is also helpful to speak to her past clients, as they are able to share information on her work style and effectiveness. The past clients should be happy about the experience and her ability to either sell a property for a high price or purchase a property at a low price. Conclude your search by meeting with the agent and addressing any concerns from your initial research, such as complaints or poor listing quality.

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