What Makes Good Real Estate Ads?

What Makes Good Real Estate Ads?

A good real estate ad has a strong headline to catch readers' attention, information about how the property can benefit readers and a call to action. The ad must also conform to state real estate law.

A good headline is one that surprises or intrigues by offering a hint about an important benefit the property provides. For example, a headline reading "This House Was Made for Entertaining!" suggests the home accommodates a lot of people comfortably.

The body of the ad should explain the headline and expand on the property's benefits. In the above example, the ad copy might describe a large home or one with an open floor plan or beautiful outdoor spaces. Also include basic information, such as the number of bedrooms and baths, to help ensure the people who respond to the ad are those for whom the property is a good fit.

The ad also needs a call to action, such as an invitation for the reader to call or email to get more information or schedule a showing.

Most states have strict laws governing real estate ads. Ads must avoid discriminatory language, for example. Real estate licensees advertising their own property must usually disclose their license status in their ads. In addition, ads for properties listed by real estate brokers usually must include the brokerage name and phone number.