What Are Some Good Questions for a Custodian Job Interview?


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Some questions to ask during a custodian job interview are, "What strategies do you think you can use to keep yourself motivated while doing repetitive tasks?" and, "How often, in your opinion, should you sanitize your cleaning implements?" A more basic question is, "Do you have any prior experience as a custodian?" followed by, "Tell me a little about your previous experiences as a custodian," if the interviewee is experienced.

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Asking an interviewee how she plans to keep motivated while performing custodial tasks helps assure the interviewer that the candidate is capable of consistently doing a good job despite the repetitive nature of the work. A competent candidate may answer by explaining that she feels the repetitive nature allows her to challenge herself to keep getting better and faster at carrying out the cleaning tasks.

There is not a single correct answer to the question, "How often should you sanitize your cleaning implements?" according to SnagAJob.com. Instead, this question tests the interviewee's ability to describe her cleaning protocol with confidence. Asking about any previous custodian experience helps the interviewer get a better sense of how prepared the candidate is to tackle the job. Even if the position does not require previous experience, the interviewee's answer lets the employer know how much training to provide.

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