What Are Some Good Questions to Ask a Potential Employer on a Second Job Interview?


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Good questions to ask a potential employer on a second interview include "What can I tell you about my qualifications for the position?" and "What are the top three qualities are you looking for in the person you hire to join this company?" Applicants can also inquire about management styles.

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A second interview gives a job candidate the opportunity to find out more about the company while discussing how his or her skills fit the position. A question such as "How do you think an employee in this position could best impact the company?" shows that the candidate is interested in the growth and success of the company and allows interviewees to explain how they can impact the company, too.

Questions on a second interview should also reveal that the candidate has researched the company. Applicants can ask in-depth questions about the company's recognition in the community or accomplishments achieved with client satisfaction and profits. A question such as "How do your employees contribute to the success of the company?" shows that a candidate is eager and willing to work as a team to improve business operations, productivity and profitability.

Job candidates can also ask about the hiring process, anticipated hiring decision time line and an expected start date for the hired candidate during a second interview.

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