What Are Some Good Questions to Ask During a Job Interview?


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“What parts of the role are the most and least enjoyable?” and “What types of training are offered by the company?” are good questions to ask during a job interview, according to The Guardian. Questions about work culture and the performance review process are also good to ask.

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What Are Some Good Questions to Ask During a Job Interview?
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By asking about the most enjoyable aspects of a role, a job interviewer learns that the job applicant is interested in knowing about and preparing for the potential challenges presented in the position. Enquiring about training opportunities demonstrates that a job applicant is looking forward to enhancing his skills and utilizing them to benefit the company.

A job seeker demonstrates interest in knowing how contributing his skills may affect the company by asking the question, "How does this role relate to the overall structure of the organization?". Asking the question “Is there an opportunity for a promotion?” indicates that the job applicant desires to make progress over time.

Questions asked during a job interview help to create dialogue between an interviewer and an interviewee. Additionally, asking questions helps a job seeker to determine if the job he is being interviewed for is appropriate. An inquisitive interviewee that asks questions and seeks information about the job opportunity also sets himself apart from other job applicants. When asking questions during an interview, the interviewee should have a positive attitude and polite tone of voice.

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