What Are Some Good Questions to Ask About a Company During an Interview?


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Some questions to ask an interviewer about the company during a job interview are what the company's expectations are for the position over time, how it compares to other companies in its industry and what the company hopes to achieve over the next few years. The questions should give the interviewee a firm understanding of company culture and competence.

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Asking an interviewer questions about a company during an interview is a helpful practice to provide the interviewee with insight into the way the company operates. In some cases, this can become a major deciding factor when the interviewee needs to decide whether or not to accept an offer. The questions should be courteous and respectful, but still focus on specific areas that should have direct answers. One potential topic is the company's plans for growth over the coming years. The interviewer may not know the full strategy, but she should have a general idea of the major goals and steps.

Another potential question topic is how the company feels it compares to its competitors and others within its industry. This may lead to more detailed questions about benefits packages, employee attitudes and general business philosophies. It is also possible for the interviewee to ask questions about how the company views the position in question, including its changes over time and how it fits into the company's overall structure.

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