What Are Good Qualities in a Secretary?

A good secretary displays excellent organization skills, has a good eye for detail, represents her employer properly when meeting with clients, answers the phone politely, and greets guests with enthusiasm. Other good qualities include the ability to learn quickly, tact, great listening skills, outstanding writing and speaking skills, and professionalism.

An excellent secretary is always reliable, timely, honest and efficient. It is crucial for a secretary to do her job efficiently and take initiative to carry out tasks without prompting by the employer. She must be willing to gain new skills, be flexible and adapt well to new work requirements. Employers sometimes need their secretaries to go to the office earlier than usual or work late to finish an urgent project.

Secretaries also sometimes receive sensitive files and information that require the utmost discretion. Additionally, there are times when problems occur between the employer and clients or among colleagues. A secretary must handle these situations with tact and present solutions to solve workplace issues.

A positive, friendly attitude is another trait of an excellent secretary. Employers often prefer to work with secretaries who can maintain amiable working relationships with co-workers and clients. They also appreciate those who go the extra mile to achieve goals. Moreover, patience is essential, especially when working for employers with tough personalities.