What Is a Good Product Marketing Plan Template?

A good product marketing plan template contains a description of the product and sales goals, product market analysis, description of the target market, and marketing strategies. The template should also feature a marketing budget of the product.

A good product description should outline the benefits that the customers are likely to derive from using the product. It is crucial to avoid just mentioning the features of the product, including color and size, without explaining how such features impact positively to the users. The goal description involves stating the goals that the seller intends to achieve in the selling of the product, including the number of sales. Each goal should have a window period within which it should be realized.

The market analysis should feature an evaluation of the internal strengths and weaknesses of the business that markets the product, evaluation of the market competition and the assessment of the existing market condition. The analysis helps to know the difference between the product and those of the competitors. The difference helps to create a marketing message that communicates the product's unique benefits to the potential buyers.

The target market description should contain a description of the product users and comprehensive details of the product's market segments, including their age, income and geographic location. Finally, the marketing strategies should contains the ways of promoting, packaging, pricing and distributing the product depending on the strengths, quality and brand of the product.