What Are Some Good Private Sector Jobs for Veterans?


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The best private-sector jobs for veterans include management consulting, intelligence analysis, project management and software engineering. Depending on the individual military speciality, veterans can work as training managers, electricians or emergency medical technicians.

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The best jobs for veterans take into account the skills that are imparted by military service. Veterans with officer or drill-sergeant experience may do well in leadership or management positions. Experienced officers can seek out management consultant jobs, which require careful analysis of a company and decisive action to increase efficiency.

Veterans with engineering, electrician or aerospace expertise can look into technical jobs in the private sector. Potential job types include aircraft mechanics, industrial engineering technicians or aviation program managers. Some companies, including General Motors, offer special training programs to help veterans learn how to use their skills in technical and non-technical positions. Veterans with extensive computer programming or software engineering skills can look into IT jobs or software development jobs.

Military medics often have the necessary skills and stamina to work as emergency medical technicians or nurses. Others may succeed in the high-stakes situations faced by wilderness rescue crews. Veterans with medical training and experience may be able to complete an accelerated nursing program at universities including the University of North Carolina Greensboro.

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