What Are Some Good Practice Exams for Pharmacology?

What Are Some Good Practice Exams for Pharmacology?

Some pharmacology practice exams are available online on the Test Prep Review website and on Pharmacology2000.com. Alternatively, books such as "Pharmacology Success" and the "Pharmacology Case Workbook" provide practice questions and answers for the pharmacology exam.

Pharmacology2000.com provides learning material targeted to undergraduate and graduate pharmacology students. The study material features 41 chapters, each with a set of study flashcards, multiple practice questions, and one or more practice exams. The site also provides the correct exam answers to allow students to learn from their mistakes.

The Test Prep Review website is less thorough. It offers a single practice exam that is 20 questions in length. This site provides a listing of the correct answers at the end of the exam.

Pharmacology practice exam questions are also available in study books. "Pharmacology Success" features material geared toward pharmacology nursing students preparing for the NCLEX exam. The test provides over 1,000 multiple choice and short-answer questions. The questions cover concepts in medication indication, administration and efficacy. It is available in paperback or ebook formats.

Similarly, the "Pharmacology Case Study Workbook" offers questions aimed at real-world clinical situations. The book provides 50 case studies plus a list of variables and questions that guide students in making appropriate analyses.