What Are Some Good PPO Medicare Plans for Florida Residents?


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Available Medicare Advantage preferred provider organization, or PPO, plans vary by county. In Broward County, for instance, PPO plans are available through a number of companies, including United Healthcare and Aetna, according to AON Hewitt.

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Medicare was signed into law by president Lyndon Johnson in 1965. Since its inception, Medicare has been expanded to cover a variety of people, including disabled persons, individuals with end-stage renal disease, and those age 65 and older, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. As of 2015, more than three-fourths of Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in traditional Medicare, which offers medical care through a system of doctors and hospitals that take part in the Medicare system, claims the National Academy of Social Insurance. The remaining one-fourth of Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in private health insurance plans that offer different benefits and sets of doctors than traditional Medicare.

Medicare Advantage PPO plans are offered by private insurance companies, according to Medicare.gov. A Medicare PPO plan allows some flexibility in choosing a doctor, but services cost more than when using doctors and other health care providers who are not part of the PPO's provider network. A Medicare PPO plan beneficiary must get prescription coverage through that PPO plan, because enrolling in a PPO plan renders one unable to sign up for Medicare Part D, which offers prescription drug coverage.

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