What Are Some Good Policy Writing Tips?


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Among the important things to remember when drafting a policy include composing the policy in a clear and concise manner written in the third person and carefully choosing the words to use. It will also be a good idea not to include any information that may soon be outdated such as employee names or Web addresses, which will inevitably require for the policy to be revised, notes Boise State University (BSU).

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When composing a draft of a policy, the following information should be included, states BSU.

  • Policy number: this is determined by the group creating the policy.
  • Effective and revision dates: this entry is determined again by the policy group.
  • Title: the title should be able to capture the general idea and purpose of the policy.
  • Purpose: explains briefly the main idea in the policy.
  • Scope: defines to whom or what the policy does apply.
  • Responsible party: details the party that is responsible for enforcing the policy.
  • Definitions: defines and explains the uncommon words used in the policy. The words are ideally listed in alphabetical order.

Two other important components of a policy is the policy statement and the procedure. The policy statement expresses the principles behind the policy and what the policy aims to achieve. The procedure, on the other hand, details how the policy is going to be enforced and how to comply with what the policy mandates.

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