What Are Good Places to Sell Wooden Bird Houses Online?


Two sites where a person can sell wooden birdhouses online are Etsy and eBay. Both sites are ideal for craft enthusiasts who are looking to sell wares to the general public.

Selling on Etsy is a good choice for someone wanting to sell birdhouses thanks to the ability to open a store and feature products. It is a popular site for unique items, and it is globally known. Those who set up a shop on Etsy can take advantage of a number of benefits including the company advertising for them and suggesting shops to potential buyers. It is less than a dollar to sign up, as of 2015, and about 18 percent of sellers on Etsy make it a full-time job.

EBay is a bit different than Etsy though still a good option for someone looking to sell birdhouses. Users on eBay can also set up a store or choose to set up an auction. Most buyers on eBay don't automatically go to a user's store, which is different than Etsy, so eBay streamlines the search feature for buyers. If a buyer is looking for a birdhouse, for instance, eBay lists by item, not necessarily by store.

Both sites are easy to use, and those who use them only need to make a minuscule investment into a brand new business venture.