Where Are Some Good Places to Sell Pecans?


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Good places to sell pecans include to family and friends, local businesses, on the Internet and to wholesalers. Quantity serves as the major determining factor when deciding where to sell pecans.

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Pecans can be sold to close family, friends and immediate social circle for a small-scale pecan business. Local businesses, such as grocery stores, candy shops and bakeries, may also purchase pecans. Sellers must make connections and establish a customer base when selling straight to the consumer or to retail outlets. Other good places to sell pecans include locations where they are not readily available, particularly in the North. Travelling to such places and talking to retailers provides a good place to start.

The Internet offers an opportunity to tap into a big market for pecans. Sellers can create their own websites to market their products to potential customers. Online classifieds such as Craigslist provide additional places to find customers.

Selling to a wholesaler provides a good option for people who produce a large amount every year. Large-scale pecan shellers generally offer good prices to big producers. They also have a ready market and usually pay based on the shell-out rate. The size of the nuts and color of nutmeats can affect the price of pecans.

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