What are some good places to purchase lead?


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Ace Hardware, Rotometals Inc. and Buffalo Arms Co. sell lead ingots and chop blocks suitable for bullet casting or non-electrical soldering. Pure Technologies produces low, ultra-low and super ultra-low alpha emitting lead for use in semiconductor manufacturing.

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AceHardware.com offers 5-pound lead ingots produced by Alpha Metals, as of 2015. The bars are 100 percent pure lead and not recommended for soldering electrical devices. Free shipping is available to customers who purchase the lead online and have it shipped to a nearby store. The warehouse ships within one to seven days of purchase.

Rotometals.com sells lead sheets, shot, ingots and wire. Its lead sheets are 99.9 percent pure and meet federal specifications for radiation shields, gaskets and linings. Lead shot, used for ballast or reloading, comes in several sizes and types, such as copper plated, magnum and reclaimed. In addition to pure lead ingots, Rotometals.com also offers 5 percent antimony alloyed lead ingots, cast discs and long bars. Customers can order lead wire in various diameters either by the foot or by 25-pound spools.

Buffalo Arms Co. caters to customers who cast bullets. Although it offers pure, new lead in chop blocks, most of the company���s lead products are alloys preferred in bullet casting. This includes a 90 percent lead, 5 percent antimony and 5 percent tin alloy chop block.

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