What Are Some Good Phrases to Use for Performance Reviews?

Good phrases to use when composing an employee performance review and pointing out positive traits include letting the employee know he "works hard and works smart" and "helps others work better." For negative traits, phrases to use include "does not exert consistent effort" or "works reactively rather than proactively". When writing good comments, employers should use specific and constructive remarks about the employee's performance, addressing future goals and problem areas. Criticisms should address the employee's demeanor and problem-solving skills.

Additional comments should focus on the employee's attendance, creativity, innovation, team cooperation and managerial style. Other areas to review include their ability to take initiative, set goals, exhibit leadership skills and demonstrate specific job knowledge. The manager composing the review should make defined remarks that the employee cannot misconstrue. When comments are too generalized, they do not help the employee understand where he needs to improve.

Some other useful phrases are that the team member skilfully overcomes customer objections, has a warm rapport with customers, is the go-to person for a particular aspect of the job, and is an empathic and focused listener. Everything included in the performance review should be written to guide the employee toward future success in his job.

Future goals set by a manager should include an outline of guidelines and rules the employee can follow in order to reach those goals. Employees are easily discouraged and may lose the incentive to make improvements if the evaluations are too critical. Positive remarks are also important and should revolve around the employee's strengths. Outlining the reasons why the employee is a valued member of the team is important when writing a performance review.