What Makes a Good Personal Assistant?

good-personal-assistant Credit: Hybrid Images/Cultura/Getty Images

A personal assistant works to help his or her boss with a wide variety of tasks, from assisting with business scheduling and correspondence to performing more personal tasks, such as picking the employer's kids up from school or shopping for gifts for the employer's spouse; a personal assistant can prove his or her worth by completing his or her tasks in an efficient and effective manner.Reliability and a good attitude are important qualities of a personal assistant, and those people who do not like taking orders and working on a schedule are not well suited to this profession. Good personal assistants are able to take instruction and work independently, providing support and ultimately making their bosses' lives easier.

The exact tasks a personal assistant performs may depend on the exact context of the job. For example, in some cases, a personal assistant works with a disabled or sick person to help him or her with basic, personal tasks, such as bathing, dressing and eating. Most of the time, though, the job title of "personal assistant" applies to a person who is hired to help a particularly busy or successful person with day-to-day tasks both at work and at home. Either way, a personal assistant should be reliable, professional, efficient, respectful and pleasant to be around.