What Are Some Good Penny Stocks?


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Lake Shore Gold Corp (LSG), Castle Brands, Inc. (ROX), Empire Resorts, Inc. (NYNY) and Orexigen Therapeutics (OREX) have all been noted as good penny stocks for 2015, as reported by InvestorPlace. These stocks are all said to offer good potential investment return for a low price, though actual market performance may not align with expectations. In the case of Castle Brands, it is noted that this liquor and spirits business is not yet profitable but shows consistent profit growth, offering a safe bet for investors who want to buy shares in a small company with a solid consumer base.

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Although penny stocks are affordable as individual shares, investing in this type of share is not a risk-free endeavor, as stated by Money Morning. However, penny stocks, which can also be described as cheap stocks or inexpensive stocks, do require a relatively small initial investment compared to shares of much larger companies.

Penny stocks are defined as stock shares, typically for small companies, that trade for five dollars or less per share. These stocks may not be listed on a national exchange, according to the technical SEC definition for the American market, but journalists and other financial commentators may simply use the term to refer to inexpensive shares.

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