What Are Good Paying Careers for Men?

The medical field has several good-paying career choices for men. While these careers require many years of training, surgeons and physicians are at the top of the pay scale. Additionally, medical specialties, such as podiatry, provide a good income. Dentists and orthodontists are well paid for helping people maintain their smile.

The legal field is also lucrative for those working in successful firms as lawyers. Presiding over the courtroom as a judge or magistrate is a career that requires the ability to interpret laws and render fair legal decisions.

People that enjoy the process of building objects and structures make good engineers and architects. Both of these fields mesh creative vision with technical precision to create buildings, machines and useful products.

Computer and information systems managers draw on a vast array of technical know-how to guide technical department projects. Another well-paying career that appeals to aviation buffs is air traffic controller. The air traffic controller is responsible for safely guiding planes through take offs and landings.

Marketing managers are paid good money to plan and implement marketing goals for a company. Valuable marketing managers stay abreast of current marketing trends. A financial manager is responsible for helping companies remain profitable. People that enjoy the outdoors find working as a forester or natural science manager rewarding.