What Are Some Good Online Resources for Becoming a Certified Teacher?


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Some good online resources for becoming a certified teacher include the department of education website for the person's state, Monster.com's resource center for becoming a teacher and the websites for teacher certification examination vendors. A state's department of education provides potential teachers with information on certification requirements, approved educational programs and alternative pathways, shows the Florida Department of Education website.

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The Florida State Department of Education website details requirements for non-education majors along with education program graduates and provides step-by-step guidance on how to get certified. Information is also available on certification for specific subject areas, certification renewal and certification exams.

Monster.com's Teaching Community subsite has a whole section for people considering a teaching career. This includes links to articles on the steps to certification, what each type of teaching role involves (such as special education, elementary or high school teacher), what kinds of teaching degree programs are available and routes to certification in each state. There are also articles to help with student teaching, writing a resume and interviewing as a first-time teacher, shows Monster.com.

Finally, websites for teacher certification exams, such as the Praxis from Educational Testing Service, are particularly good for those ready to take the exams. These websites have information about exam requirements, sample questions and other preparation materials.

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