What Is a Good Objective for a Resume?


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A good objective for a resume should concisely state the candidate's career goals. It is not always necessary to include an objective in a resume.

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A good objective should include:

  • Specific information detailing what the candidate is seeking. However, it is important to ensure that it is not too specific, as this can reduce the number of times the candidate can use the resume.
  • A description of the skills the candidate intends to use. Alternatively, candidates can list the functions they wish to perform.
  • When candidates have several career goals, they should create different resumes with objectives that reflect them. Using a generic resume may not appeal to employers. For example, a finance focused resume should include analytical skills, while a medically focused resume would detail healthcare interests.

An alternative approach to creating an objective statement is to write out a summary of relevant qualifications. This gives candidates with a lot of qualifications the chance to list their most relevant ones at the top of their resume. For example, if someone has a law degree and a medical qualification but they are only interested in working in the legal sector, then they can detail their legal education. It is a good idea to consider including an objective statement in a job letter instead, as it is not an essential resume component.

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