What Are Some Good Nursing Workshops?

Good nursing workshops include courses on advancements in CPR, first aid and pediatric emergency assessment. Nurses can brush up on their skills by taking workshops on public health nursing, human growth and development and clinical pain problems.

Nursing workshops should revolve around nurses' specialization or area of interest that may include topics on geriatric or pediatric care, cardiovascular surgical methods or nutrition and exercise. Nurses seeking certification or advanced knowledge of public health or issues that affect the health of the community may opt to enroll in workshops that focus on popular diets and dietary supplements, the prevention of common diseases and new research on the development or treatment of diabetes.

Nurses seeking management positions or responsibilities in medical office or hospital settings can take workshops on leadership traits, common practices in hospital administration and budgeting and forecasting the future of modern medical facilities.

Workshops focused on new research or scientific studies may help nurses to expand their knowledge of health care practices. A course on the fundamentals of oncology for public health practitioners can teach nurses innovative screening measures used for diagnosing and detecting cancer as well as studies on treatment options for cancer patients. Nurses can learn about the history of the disease and the foundation of scientific studies that have transformed treatment.