What Makes a Good Negotiator?


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A good negotiator cultivates a culture of trust and honesty, building respect with the other parties in the negotiation. A good negotiator also considers the opposition's point of view and works to find a fair solution to the conflict.

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A good negotiator treats the other side with respect and avoids abusive language, which makes many negotiations fail. He listens actively; this enables him to understand the other side's position and convince the other side that its point of view is being considered. A good negotiator approaches each negotiation with a problem-solving mentality instead of treating the negotiation as a contest. He steps back from the negotiation regularly to make an objective assessment of the situation like an outsider.

A good sales negotiator is creative and looks for creative solutions that benefit both parties. He is patient when dealing with the other party, since impatience may lead to early concessions that may deny a company the best deal in the end. A good sales negotiator understands the sales process and takes the correct action to add value at each stage and close the deal. He always has an alternative plan in mind in case the negotiation doesn't result in an agreement.

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