What Are Some Good Names for Meeting Rooms?


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An effective name for a meeting room should reflect the core values or culture of the company, such as using the names of relevant innovators in that industry or using company beliefs such as integrity or honesty. Other options can include using the names of fictional characters, television shows or local landmarks to help employees identify and form a connection with the workplace.

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One method for choosing meeting room names is to examine the most important values and tenants of the company overall, looking at its mission statement and business plan for inspiration. This allows the company to reinforce its commitment to these beliefs by presenting employees with a physical manifestation of the concepts at the office. Similarly, the meeting rooms could have the names of key figures within the industry to help motivate and inspire employees. For example, a technology company could name rooms after people such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, whereas a scientific research firm might choose people such as Nikola Tesla or Marie Curie.

Another approach is to embrace the company's culture by choosing names around a theme that matches the interests and hobbies of employees. With this approach, a video game developer might choose names from famous franchises such as "Super Mario Bros" or "Final Fantasy VII." It is also possible to choose names according to television shows, bands or food items to create a more casual environment that enables employees to build a positive association with the rooms.

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