What Are Some Good Names for a Lounge?

A good name for a lounge should reflect the intended ambiance, clientele and products sold, with some unique bar names already used throughout the United States including "Atomic Liquors," "The Tipsy Cow," "The Fainting Goat" and "95 Slide." Many desirable lounge names convey a theme, geographic location or memory.

To reflect the spirit of the location, co-owners of the lounge "95 Slide" in Seattle chose the name based on one of the most iconic moments in the city's baseball history. In 1995, the Mariners beat the Yankees and won the division championship, thus the "95" in the bar's name. The "Slide" is a nod to Ken Griffey Jr.'s slide into home plate during the 11th inning, culminating in a victory. Locals are familiar with the story, thus increasing the likelihood of remembering the lounge.