What Are Some Good Names for Babysitting Businesses?

good-names-babysitting-businesses Credit: PhotoAlto/Eric Audras/PhotoAlto Agency RF Collections/Getty Images

Names for a babysitting business can include words that appeal to parents, such as infant, kids, kiddie, angels, tots or tykes. Other words that describe the nature of children are sweet, precious, creative and tiny. A personalized business name may include the owner's name, as in Jill's Babysitting.

To come up with a name, write down several descriptive words, and mix them together using a business name generator. About.com lists several of these, including NetSubstance and Naming.net. To set the business' name apart, include other words like trusty, thrifty, affordable, caring, dependable, best and gentle.

Best Tiny Tot Babysitting and Jill's Dependable Babysitting are good examples of descriptive names for a babysitting business. These names are memorable and give the reader a clear idea about the nature of the business.