What Are Some Good Names for an Air Conditioning Company?

A good name for an air-conditioning company includes some reference to air, electricity, cold, comfort or simplicity, is not currently a registered trademark, and communicates the unique strength of the business. Some examples from naming contests held on BrandonGaille.com and NamingForce.com are: Conditioned Air, Air Assurance, Amazon AC, Air Angels and Mother Air.

Another strategy might be to highlight the business location as in the contest examples SouthernAir, Tri-City Mechanical or Florida Wind. It is important to look up any potential name with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to ensure the name doesn't infringe a copyright. There is an online search system for the trademark database. Once a name is chosen, it is possible to register a trademark through the USPTO.gov website.

The list of successful air-conditioning companies includes highly trusted consumer brands such as Panasonic and Whirlpool, technological pioneers such as Carrier and highly reviewed local service companies. In each case the names embody a strength such as trust, innovation or local experience. Large consumer electronics brands offer established support and repair services and a sense permanence. Carrier, which is the largest air conditioning manufacturer in the world, introduced the first electromechanical air conditioner. Local heating, ventilation and air conditioning companies depend on Internet reviews, established reputation and word-of-mouth to make their name.