What Are Some Good Names for Accounting Companies?

Some examples of good accounting firm names come from existing companies like KPMG, Ernst & Young and Deloitte, notes AccountingVerse.com. Good names for an accounting business generally convey what the business is and what the business does, appeal to the customers and have easy-to-remember domain names, according to CrowdSpring.com. Names must be checked for trademark and copyright before being used to avoid legal issues.

One of the first steps to deciding a company name is figuring out what the name needs to say about the company. The name should be professional, but can also be creative. A name that is easy to remember is helpful because a customer can recommend the business without having to look it up. Being able to turn the business name into an acronym is even better, especially for a potential website name.

The internet plays a huge role in the success of a business, so the name needs to work well as an Internet domain. The full name might not be needed, or an abbreviation could be used, but it needs to be similar enough to the regular name that customers remember it easily. Names that have a rhythm or a catchy sound will appeal to customers. Names that are too literal or too narrow may not catch a customer's eye like some other names, notes CrowdSpring.com.