How Do You Find a Good Nail Technician?


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Find and hire an efficient and reliable nail technician by contacting local cosmetology schools to learn about top graduates, posting an ad on a classifieds website or speaking to other technicians to obtain a referral. You should also have the technician perform a manicure so that you may observe her technique and skills.

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One method for finding highly-skilled nail technicians is to work with cosmetology schools to identify the best students in each graduating class. The schools often have special departments that work with businesses to arrange jobs for its students, meaning you may be able to access information such as student grades and schedule interviews. In some cases, the school may also connect you with high performing students that have yet to graduate, if you wish to offer the technician employment on the condition of successfully graduating and passing the licensing exam.

Another method is to simply post an ad on a job listings or classifieds site under the appropriate category. Include your requirements for applicants, such as a minimum amount of work history or education, along with any specific skills you want. Review the resumes for the applicants, and have them come to your shop for evaluations. Test their knowledge of terms and tools, then have them perform different tasks typical of the job to judge their abilities.

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