What Are Some Good Mortgage Statement Templates?


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Good mortgage statement templates can be found at MyExcelTemplates.org, which has links to many official government forms concerning mortgages. A complete mortgage statement includes contact and account information, amount due, payment and transaction history, and any information regarding partial payments or delinquency, says Nolo.

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A new periodic statement rule requires all lenders and mortgage administrators to provide homeowners with timely and accurate information about their mortgage, reports Nolo. The statements are also required to include all payment history and contact information should a homeowner have any questions.

Refinancing a mortgage has many advantages, according to Investopedia. It can lower interest rates thereby lowering the monthly payment. It can also shorten the length of a mortgage or change a variable interest rate to a fixed, meaning payments stay consistent throughout the course of paying off the mortgage. Forms found at My Excel Templates can be downloaded to assist in putting together a statement that could be more beneficial than a current mortgage.

Statements are especially beneficial in cases where a homeowner has fallen behind in payments. If a payment is more than 45 days late, a statement is issued that provides information about how much money is required to catch up, any penalties including potential foreclosure and provides information regarding financial counseling, says Nolo.

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