What Is a Good Mission Statement for a Business?


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A good mission statement clearly describes the goals of a business or company as well as the means by which it will accomplish these goals. In addition, a good mission statement mentions the worth, importance and contribution of the business to society.

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What Is a Good Mission Statement for a Business?
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When writing an appropriate mission statement for a business, the author must reflect on why the business exists, what the business aspires to be, who its customers are and what reputation the business wants to achieve with its customers. A good mission statement encompasses the essence of the business, including its products and services. This statement helps differentiate the company from the competition by succinctly describing the company's unique philosophies and business strategies.

The writer should ask relevant employees to give input on the mission statement. Although he only needs to write a couple of sentences, the writer must devote enough time for planning, brainstorming, drafting and proofreading his work. Businesses change frequently, especially in a fast-moving environment, so the business must occasionally revise the mission statement to adapt to these changes.

Mistakes that a mission statement writer must avoid include using verbose sentences, overlooking grammatical errors, failing to accurately describe the business and exaggerating business goals. Mission statements are badly written when they fail to inspire the people within the business.

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